Bishop Kastar Jackson Continue

In 1944, Bishop Jackson moved his family to the motor city capital of the world, Detroit, Michigan. He expected and had prepared himself to be inducted into the United States Army when he left Arkansas, but this was not in the divine plan of God for his life. Shortly after arriving in the city of Detroit, he would from time to time, attend one of the local churches of God in Christ. His search for more spiritual awareness and his love and zest for Bible exploration continued.

Bishop Jackson acquainted himself with Brother and Sister Levi Payne, who were then members of Clinton Street Greater Bethlehem Temple Church, and eventually moved his family into their home.

Sister Payne began to explain the plan of salivation to the Jacksons; within that same year Kaster and Eleanor made the decision to be Baptist in Jesus name at Clinton Street Greater Bethlehem Temple Church, under the pastorate of the late Bishop Samuel Nathaniel Hancock. They received the gift of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues in the home of Sister Corrine Miles. Almost immediately the Jacksons became faithful to the church. From that time forward, the divine election of God’s plan and purpose in his life began to unfold more distinctively.

In the year of 1969, Bishop Jackson was ordained by the Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith as a minister of the Gospel. In1970, he was called to the pastor in Tennessee. Upon returning to Detroit in 1973, Bishop Jackson resumed his duties as assigned at Clinton Street Greater Bethlehem Temple Church which included Sunday School teacher, Assistant Chairman of the Tarrying Committee, instructor of the Sunday School Training Class, First Assistant Chairman of the Order Group, Assistant Sunday School Superintendent, Assistant Supervisor of the Crusader Group, Chairman of the Young Ministers’ Group, member of the Bridal Committee and General Superintendent of the National Sunday School Department of the True Churches of the Apostolic Faith.

In 1975, Bishop Jackson was appointed to the position of Assistant Pastor to the late Bishop David L. Collins. During his tenure, Elder Jackson was elevated to the position of District Elder.

HE was honored as “Pastor of the Week” by a radio program for his untiring and faithful service for over 35 years in various capacities in the church.

On July 13, 1980, after suffering with a long illness but vigilant in her faith in God, Bishop Jackson’s first wife, Sister Eleanor, went on to be with the Lord.

Being diligent, determined and faithful without pushing his way up, on July 4, 1982, District Elder Jackson was installed as the pastor of our great assembly. In the same year, he was elevated to the office of Bishop by the Bishop Board of the True Churches of the Apostolic Faith Inc.

On February 25, 1984, wedding bells once again rang for the Bishop Jackson as he was wed in holy matrimony to Missionary Estheree Williams, who was a living example of a true first lady. Mother Jackson, after a brief illness, departed this life on July 24. 1990.

Bishop Jackson has dedicated his life to serving the people of God through the ministry. Some of the outstanding achievements and contributions under his pastoral tenure including the following:

1981~ First Women’s Day

1983~ First Homecoming Celebration in the church’s for more than a 65-year history.

1983~ Opened the Clinton Street Greater Bethlehem Temple Christian School (grade K-12)

1983~ Established the Leadership Council of C.S.G.B.T.C.

1985~ Renaming of Chicago Boulevard to S.N. Hancock Boulevard (from Linwood to Dexter)

1989~ The members dedicated and named the church dining room in his honor, “Bishop Kaster Jackson Dining Hall”

1989~ Initiated forty-eight hour workshop service during the Thanksgiving season

1989~ Established a church parade that kicks off the church Annual Convention

1989~ Initiated the march around Bethlehem that tore down strong holds

1991~ Established, along with the Young People’s Department, a 30 Year Reunion Service

1991~ Established a church-wide evangelistic and helps ministry known as “Operation Souls”

1991~ Established Open Forums for members to offer suggestions for the church

1993~ He encourage the purchase of the former Jehovah Witness building at Wildemere giving us possession of the entire block

1995~ Established the Worship and Praise Choir, later the Worship and Praise II and Uplifting Hands Sign Choir

1998~ Established ministerial promotional exercise to license and ordain ministers Advisor to pastors and ministers

There are many behind the scene contributions and accomplishments, innovations and sound changes that we do not know about, however, we are sure that in the best interest of this church, we can all feel the concern and love that our pastor had for us, and for holiness people everywhere. God blessed Bishop Jackson with a “universal appeal that transcended organizational barriers. He had a special ability to maintain relationships with all age groups within his congregation. He had dedicated his life to teaching and maintaining the standard of holiness.

After a short illness, Bishop Jackson departed this life on Friday, June 7, 2002

Bishop Jackson’s family admonishes the family of God to: “Continue upholding the standards of holiness as passed down through the years by our forefathers to our Dad, through the power of the Holy Ghost”. Fulfill his words of wisdom now and in the future: “Working together Works” and “Work while it is Day.”

Christine and Caroline