Bishop David Collins Continue

In 1930, while working for the automobile company, a young cousin, Hazel Jackson led him to Clinton Street. Bishop S.N. Hancock, Pastor. She had never been inside the church, but was excited by what she heard from inside the church. It was there that Bishop Collins received the water baptism in Jesus’ name and on March 13, 1930, he received the gift of the Holy Ghost.

In the later part of 1932, Bishop Collins was called into the ministry at Clinton Street Bethlehem Temple Church. His ministry was threefold: establishing churches, teaching and conducting Bible classes under the leadership of Bishop Hancock.

He helped Bishop Hancock establish churches in New Haven, Michigan, Port Huron, Michigan; Monroe, Michigan; Jackson, Michigan; Delray, Michigan and finally, the Bethel Church in Detroit Michigan.

As a Bible teacher, he traveled to Nassau in the Bahamas Islands; Fairhope, Alabama; Bromley, Alabama, Morris Point, Mississippi, and Benton, Mississippi.

Bishop Collins resigned his position at the Packard Motor Company in the year of 1945 to devote full time to the ministry.

He continued his work of establishing churches until the year of 1952, when Bishop Hancock appointed him as his Assistant Pastor of Clinton Street Greater Bethlehem Temple Church.

Because of the great demands placed on Bishop Hancock, he was often absent from the church. Therefore, Bishop Collins was blessed of the Lord to officiate in every important ministerial operation of the church, including communion, conventions, weddings, funerals, offering up the babies, preaching, teaching, counseling, and visiting the sick and shut-ins. For many years, Bishop Collins served on the Advisory, Deacon and Trustee Board.

In 1957, he was one of the founders of the Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith.

After Bishop Hancock’s death on Sunday, August 18, 1963, Bishop Collins assumed full responsibility as pastor of Clinton Street Greater Bethlehem Temple Church. By this time, the church had relocated from 2238 Clinton Street to 2900 West Chicago Boulevard on March 10, 1963. Bishop Collins had the ability to withstand the forces of the devil, which centered upon him as the church was tested, but having obtained help from Heaven, Bethlehem Temple came out of its afflictions victorious.

It was not easy for Bishop Collins to fill Bishop Hancock’s shoes. The road was rough and the going was tough. However, he pressed forward and proved work could be done, by the grace of God. He held the standards set by Bishop Hancock.

Under Bishop Collins administration, the Dorothy Apartment Building on Rochester Avenue, was purchased; the Youth Center located on the 112 acreage lake Farm in Holly, Michigan, was built; the present transportation program for the church was initiated; the central air conditioning unit was installed in the church; the hospitality Committee and Leadership Council were organized and the tent services were established. In addition, the following churches were added to the Clinton Street Greater Bethlehem Temple Tree, under the administration of Bishop David L. Collins.

The True Church of the Apostolic Faith in Lansing, Elder Nathaniel Edwards, Sr. Pastor; Omega Temple Church of Jackson, Michigan, Elder Herman Cross, Pastor; Bethlehem Temple of La Grange, Georgia, Elder Albert Jackson, Pastor; Soul Deliverance Church of Detroit, Elder Jesse Baggett, Pastor; Bethlehem Faith Temple of Roseville, Michigan, Sister Dorothy Gardner, Pastor; Bethel Tabernacle of the Living Witness of Detroit, Elder Theodore Gaston, Pastor; Fellowship Temple of the Apostolic Faith of College Park, Georgia, Elder Gerald A Hilson, Pastor; Pentecostal, Refugee Temple of Detroit, Elder Milton Lewis, Pastor; Altavista True Church of Altavista, Virginia, Elder Frank Grant, Pastor; New Jerusalem Apostolic Church of Clovis, New Mexico, Elder Herbert Minus, Pastor; Tuhla, Mississippi, Belzoni, Mississippi. And a church soon to be opened in Yazoo City, Mississippi, which fulfilled his desire to have a church established in his birthplace.

While working in the ministry, Bishop Collins met and married his second wife, Sister Georgia Brown, in 1957. Following her departure from this life on July 7, 1972, he met and married Sister Lenora Davis on February 10, 1973.

Bishop David Collins served the congregation of Clinton Street Greater Bethlehem Temple Church dutifully and faithfully until sickness overtook him in the year 1980. He remained the Emeritus Pastor of this great assembly until he departed this life on Tuesday, May 31, 1983.

Sister Lenora Collins continues to fellowship at the Clinton Street Grater Bethlehem Temple Church as a great Sunday School Scholar.